Monday, 19 January 2009

What's beside the bedside?

So Ali asked me what was on my bedside table. Jewellery mostly.

There are pots, dishes, bowls, boxes and all sorts of proper places to leave my jewellery at the end of the day, but I never do.

In this picture I can count 10 pairs of earrings, 2 bracelets, one necklace and a brooch. There is another whole part of my bedside table that I didn't photograph.

The little pot of cream is Jasmine Enriching Cream from Neal's Yard and it is the nicest cream in the whole world. It soothes hands, faces, cuts, scrapes, bruises, toes - anything you like. Love it. I have little pots of it scattered around the house, the office and various handbags, so that I am never without.

I don't yet scatter my glasses about - I always have a pair on, or on my bedside table, but judging from my track record with jewellery and Neal's Yard cream, its only a matter of time, surely?


  1. oh to be able to leave jewellry lying around, but my two cats are like magpies and love nothing better than to play a game with a dangly earring, ending up with the earring being down the side of the bedside just out of reach.....
    so I have a little box by the bed, and leave it in there instead.
    fun idea, off to photograph mine now.

  2. what a great idea for a post-am also going to have a go, me thinks!x

  3. what a fun snapshot of your bedside!


  4. You are evidently very good at wearing your jewellery. I am hopeless - hardly ever remember to put it on. Though I do like to look at it!

  5. Great post. I've just done a similar one on mine. Very interesting to hear and see what other people have.


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