Thursday, 9 July 2009

Man shopping

We are having a party on Saturday, for ten people. I am at work all day so G, an infrequent but enthusiastic cook, is in charge of everything. I shall just turn up when it's party time.

Last night he gave me this shopping list of things he needs for the meal and asked me to go to the supermarket.

Yes, it really does include seven unwaxed lemons, two whole celeriac, five balls of buffalo mozzarella and two legs of lamb. TWO LEGS OF LAMB!!!

But he's cooking and he's paying, so I got everything on the list and lugged it home. But not before I called him from the supermarket car park and freaked him out by revealing how much money he now owes me. It's going to be some party.


  1. You didn't have to bring all that back on your bike did you?!!!
    Have a great party.
    Jane. x
    P.S Still waiting to see a picture of you in the Howies t-shirt.

  2. can we come?!
    Maybe you should do a Gordon next year and have a couple of lambs to rear in the back garden.
    Ooh! just thought of another 'answer for my postcard'-"buy a smallholding and spend days making jam, tending a plum orchard (a Plorchard?) and rearing chickens"

    p.s-assume lovely guests shall be bringing large quantities of alcohol to add to the stash?!x

  3. Man list! Love it.

    And was your version of 'lots of olives' the same as his insitance on plenty of meat? But I am with him - one leg wouldn't have done 10 and you can't really do halves can you?

    Party on.

  4. Am very impressed!

    Have a great time!

  5. That list is definitely the beginnings of a fantastic party...any list with two legs of lamb is good in my book!
    Have Fun

  6. I just the the way the list is so precise, did you really count out 6 tomatoes, and 16 red onions...... xox


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