Saturday, 26 May 2007

The camping list

I love lists. They reassure me and calm me. They fill me with energy and a sense of purpose. Activities that require lists are activities I enjoy.

So it is appropriate that on my first entry I start with the ultimate list: The Camping Masterlist.

This list tells me everything I need to pack for a camping trip and even though we are heading for the Pembokeshire coast on the wettest predicted May bank holiday in decades, I have the list and I am serene.


  1. yay!!!!!!! you have a blog! i'm so excited. in a sec i'm going back to read your list. my sister is a lister... hahahaha (it's true!) i keep meaning to respond to your last email... i promise i will soon; loved hearing what all you've been up to. ok, off to bookmark your blog and see your list! :) c-ya, m'duck! ;)


  2. lol - just had to come back and say... i like how sugar is first on the food list! you crack me up!


  3. Thankyou for making me smile on my birthday-have copied and edited your list for our camping trip on Friday- what a result!!!
    Hope you have/ had a lovely time (I see no portable laptop on list...?) and it didn't rain too much.
    Thanks also for lovely birthday card..the husband came through with the Cath Kidston goods!!
    speak soon
    Anna xxx

  4. by the way...glad you crossed out meths..bit you have a habit we need to know about?!

  5. Thank you both for your comments!

    Anna, the meths is fuel for the trangia stove(which we decided not to take this time). It does scare me having meths in the tent!

    We had one rainy day and the rest of the time it was glorious sunshine. I am suitably sunburnt and relaxed.

    N. xx


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