Tuesday, 13 January 2015

All change

It's all change for the New Year around here:
  • I'm working. 
  • The car only gets used once or twice a week, now that we no longer have a school run to do. 
  • I'm earning money. 
  • After a very late night out and a slow bus ride home, I awoke at 9:30am to find that Cam had unloaded the dishwasher, made a big pot of coffee and was frying bacon for breakfast sandwiches for everyone. 
  • I no longer travel to work by tube.
  • We are going to go to Switzerland for our summer holiday this year.
  • I'm wearing bright blue scrubs at work, and a name badge that says 'Staff Nurse'.
  • There is a hipster-run new bistro in our local neighbourhood.
I absolutely love this time of year: the crisp cold, the white skies, the sense of clarity and energy after the velvet-luxury, over-indulgent, laziness of Christmas.  It makes me want to run, to clean, to sing, and to organise.  Starting a new job fits perfectly with this vibe.  In the dark early mornings I warm myself up with one of the (many) hats I knit over Christmas and walk briskly up the hill to work, marvelling at how much I enjoy this new life I've chosen.  On my days off I make plans and lists: where to walk next, what I need to learn next for work, what I'm going to buy with my first month's salary (a new printer, most likely), what my sewing plans are for this year, and which bag I don't need to buy in the Cath Kidston sale.

There's still cake though.  There's always cake.

Lemon and blueberry cake
Lemon and blueberry syrup loaf

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Walking in the new year

Two Christmas weeks of whole-family idleness has been blissful.

Tagged by my fellow knitting, sewing, newly-qualified nurse, @lilyboot, to show you what's in my cup and on my needles right now: mocha in a Christmas mug (fresh coffee with a spoonful of hot chocolate stirred in), and a soft grey beanie hat for me.  I ta
mocha and knitting - this is what much of my Christmas looked like

And now I'm starting the year with a pair of new walking boots, a whole pile of lists, plans, maps and new pens.  Its good to feel busy and energetic again after so much sleep and rich food.

Plotting some future adventures with @gillusher #london #eastlondon #walks #adventures #daysout

Happy New Year. May you travel well in 2015 xx

New Year's Day

I have resolved to cram as many walks as I can into 2015.