Wednesday, 7 January 2009

10 things to love about the middle of winter

  • Curling your hands round a blistering hot cup of coffee.
  • Clear pale blue skies.
  • The tingling in your cheeks as they warm up.
  • Wearing boots.
  • Hot water bottles in bed (especially when they come wrapped in homemade Kaffe Fassett covers…).
  • Slow winter stews. I want to make an oxtail one soon from this book that I was given for Christmas.
  • The morning’s milk staying ice cold on the doorstep.
  • The frost, making Epping Forest white and crisp when I drive past it in the morning.
  • A few hopeful snowdrop and crocus shoots poking through the soil
  • The knowledge that in a couple of short months the darkness will be receding and the days getting longer. Winter doesn’t stay wintry for long.


  1. No I want MORE winter. Bring it on.

    Bad crocuses.

  2. Already it seems a touch lighter in the evenings. Or perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

  3. I bought J that book for Christmas, I need to steal it from him and have a good read. xx

    no crocuses here, too chilly in the frozen north....

  4. You didn't mention new Boden coats? or woolly tights in mad colours!
    Tsk tsk..

  5. hot coffee mmmmmm
    hot water bottles mmmmmmm
    warm oxtail stew from that book double mmmmmmmm

    certainly reasons to be happy in winter.

  6. You got me on the first one of a hot cup of coffee blistering your fingers as it warms them up. In trying to cut back the number of cups of coffee I drink every day, warm water in a cup gives the same feeling on comfort. Nice!


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