Sunday, 23 May 2010

The black stain of death

Three things that have been ruined forever by bicycle oil this year:
  • My best jeans
  • My second-best winter coat (my best coat was a 2009 victim)
  • The lawn

And pretty soon I think there'll be a fourth - my sense of humour.


  1. Oh good grief. Our lawn's been ruined by dog pee. I feel for you. Is a trip to the shops in order?

  2. Uh oh. Dare I ask....whose bike? (gulp)
    Does this mean you HAVE to buy a new pair of jeans and a replacement second best winter coat? I think a trip to Boden may be forced upon you.

  3. His bike! His bike! Or more accurately, bikes. In case there was any doubt.

    He who spills the oil should go shopping for jeans and coats I reckon.

  4. Oooops! Not good! Guess he won't be getting any more cinammon rolls in a hurry - although Dot made some for us this afternoon and you are right - they are DELICIOUS and we went the whole hog and added icing for sheer sugar overload! Yum!!!

  5. No more cinammon rolls for him, methinks!

  6. Argh, that is not good. Our lawn is being ruined by trees overshadowing it - at least they're providing valuable shade! Just tell me the oil wasn't then tracked all through the house ...

  7. Oooh yuck! I'm impressed you've kept your sense of humor this long. I would have lost it after the jeans!


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