Sunday, 4 July 2010

Iced tea

In honour of my American friends, on their Independence Day weekend, I've been making iced tea.  Graham and I drank gallons of the stuff during our year of studying there. The sugary brew that Liptons sell is nice enough when properly chilled, but a homemade version is in a whole other league.

Here is my recipe - adapted from an American one in this favourite cookbook - but metricised and using about an eighth of the sugar.

The List Writers Iced Tea

In a large jug with at least a 2 litre capacity, put two teabags and two dessert spoons of caster sugar.  Pour over boiling water, up to the 1 litre mark.  Stir well and leave to steep for ten minutes.

Top up with cold water, up to the 2 litre mark, and stir again.  Remove the teabags, and add slices of fresh fruit.  If I have peaches or nectarines, that is my favourite, but this weekend I've been using thick slices of orange with great success. Mango, rasperries or apple would also work well.

Chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours and then serve in a tall glass, over ice.  The fruit delicately flavours the drink without removing any of the lovely tea taste.


  1. since most purchased drinks like iced tea mix are too sugary, i learned to drink plain tea with lemon, hot or cold. Here in the states, lots make Sun Tea outside, which is lovely, too, once chilled. Love your blog!

  2. ooh sounds great, I like the sweet stuff but always worry about the huge amounts of sugar xxx

  3. This sounds gorgeous, especially with the addition of fresh fruits. I will definitely try it out over the summer!

  4. Homemade sweet tea is the best, and fruit makes it nearly healthy!

    Happy 4th to you too!


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