Friday, 27 August 2010

Our summer adventure in numbers

C tries his first snails: "I can see why the hens love them so much!"
  • number of times son ate snails: 1
  • number of snails eaten: 6
  • his rating out of ten: 10
  • total miles driven: 2,448
  • days in France: 21
  • days in Switzerland: 8
  • number of strokes daughter could swim when she arrived in France: 0
  • number of continuous lengths she could swim when she left France: 26
  • number of long walks done: 5
  • longest distance walked: 12km
  • highest altitude walked: 2,021m
  • number of mornings I had a croissant for breakfast: 20
  • number of calories that adds up to: we won't dwell on that
  • photographs taken in France & Switzerland: 1,471
  • photographs uploaded to Flickr: 395
  • castles visited: 3
  • castle towers walked up by me: 0
  • glasses of wine drunk at the village fete: approx 3
  • glasses of muscat drunk at the village fete: not quite sure; perhaps 3
  • jars of plums bottled: 9
  • jars of fresh tomato and basil sauce bottled: 7
  • words of German that I understood on arrival in Switzerland: 3 - "Ein Bier, bitte"
  • words of German that I understood when I left: approx 23
  • number of times I actually said "Ein Bier, bitte": 0
  • number of times I used the car once I arrived in Switzerland: 0
  • number of funicular journeys: 2
  • number of train journeys: 6
  • number of bus trips: 4
  • number of tunnels I drove through: at least 65
  • number of precipitous viaducts I drove across: more than 100
  • highest altitude driven at: 2,210m
  • number of rostis eaten: 3
  • number of calories that adds up to: probably more than the croissants
  • number of borders crossed: 4
  • number of times our passports were checked: 1
  • amount in Swiss Francs it costs for a permit to drive on the motorway: 40
  • number of Logis hotels stayed at: 2
  • number of times I wished I'd had a satnav: 0
  • number of times I felt smug about travelling across Europe with just maps: 74
  • number of cowbells purchased by son: 2
  • euros I had left once I'd paid the last motorway toll at Calais: €0.21
  • books I took with me: 14
  • books read: 11 (bit too close for comfort)
  • hours it took us to locate our hotel in Nancy: 2
  • number of knitting shops visited: 2
  • number of sewing shops visited: 2
  • number of vide-greniers visited: 1
  • number of local markets visited: 5
  • number of visits to the extraordinary chocolate shop in Interlaken: 5
  • number of bears carved out of wood that daughter took photos of: 17
  • number of times I cooed over the view: at least 350
  • lazy home-based days we've had since we got back to London: 7
  • number of weeks left before school resumes: 1

Searing temperatures in Place Stanislas in Nancy

Happiness is a glass of chilled pink and a good book

The fairytale Schloss Oberhofen on Lake Thun

O at a funicular station above Interlaken

C heading down a mountain

C and O, with the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains in the background


  1. Number of teeth showing through a big smile at this post- every one!

  2. No Years since I visited Interlaken when I was a child, and the memory is still stuck strongly in my head. 35 (hated to admit that).

    Hope its the same for your bunch.

  3. Number of books that arrived in the post this morning? 2. Thankyou! So lovely to have you all home safe and sound. And disgustingly brown!!x

  4. What an absolutely amazing journey! And very impressed with the swimming. K x

  5. Sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time!

  6. It sounds fantastic, and it looks fantastic. And you are right to be smug. But tell me, how do you manage to read 11 books? I'd have to lock my children in a cupboard for that.

  7. What an adventure, glad you had such a good time.

  8. What a lovely summer! Wish I'd managed as many home based days as you have - it's been a bit mad here.

  9. Adds up to a fab sounding summer - I'm with your boy on the snails - love them!

  10. Aargh dont know how I have missed your posts since your return will get settled with a glass of wine to catch up - I am sooo jealous - wish I was as brave as you xx


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