Friday, 24 September 2010

Random whatevers

Little things which have brought a smile to my face this week.
  • At a secondary school open evening, O asking our hulking great fifteen-year-old male tour guide "do you learn ballet at this school?"
  • Remembering that with everyone else at school or work, I can enjoy eating those things that nobody else will eat.  Like prawns.
  • Finding out that a good friend has acquired her first hens.  I always like to see more people joinging the club.  Someone else has new ones too - including a very pretty speckeldy.
  • Cooking so many wonderful dishes from the new Nigella Lawson cookbook - Kitchen.  It might be her best yet - but I always say that.  The biggest hits so far have beeen the strawberry and almond crumble (cooked strawberries - controversial!  but it works) and the Indian spiced roast potatoes.
  • My nearly eleven-year-old using the words 'random' and 'whatever' in one sentence.  I feel that if I shut my eyes for a moment he might turn into a teenager.
  • Planning and sewing for my Etsy shop - coming very soon!


  1. I'm wondering if I really need another cookery book... but I love the thought of cooked strawberries so I guess I've answered my own question!

    An Etsy shop you say? Wow!

  2. An Etsy shop, how exciting. Look forward to seeing all the goodies.

  3. I picked up that magazine this week too, looks good. My Belgian friend sends me Marie Claire Idees and I never feel there's a decent craft magazine here I can send back (Selvedge being too expensive), I think this could be it.

  4. I have friends who have spent all summer raisng a chicken run, and visiting their teenage son in hospital when he had a horrible accident with a sledgehammer in the process- anyway, they now say that they shouldn't buy chickens for the edifice until the Spring- I shall be citing your friends as evidence to the contrary!

  5. Oooh, glad to hear you've tried the strawberry crumble, I was a it chicken. I am loving Kitchen too - everything so far has been a roaring success.

  6. Nancy, tell more about your Etsy shop, what are thinking of selling- knitting, sewing?

  7. Oh those roast potatoes sound very good. I'm very much looking forward to Thursday night - I think that's when the first episode of Kitchen is aired.


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