Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday afternoon

It is the end of the week and my mind is full.  Full. Of. Stuff.  I feel a little spaced out as I walk to the tube station to pick up O from school.

Everywhere I walk I see patterns.

Diagonal stripes


Quilted squares and lines



Adder diamonds marking the gutter

Railway tracks at South Woodford


The exercise and the cold sunshine did me good and cleared my mind.  This weekend I shall mostly be reading Dombey & Son, in an effort to fill my mind with Something rather than just Stuff.


  1. I am reading Great Expectations in an effort to fill my mind with something. I keep reverting to cookbooks though.

  2. Someone else who photographs drainage/manhole covers...(I sometimes worry that I might be a bit strange- now, at least, I know there are two of us!)
    Liked your patterns though!

  3. I have been finishing stuff, in attempt to get rid of the worries about a conversation I need to have but can't quite bring myself to initiate. I really hate the brain churn. It's exhausting.

  4. When I was at university a friend and I used to rub drain covers, which attracted a lot of attention - and not always welcome! I remember taking photos of drain covers on my interail travels around northern Europe. It can become addictive.

  5. I went to an exhibition, at least a decade ago, of collages recreating squares of ground, from wherever the artist's pin fell on the a-z. It was beautiful, and made you look at the world beneath your feet in such a different, appreciative way. Your lovely photographs reminded me of it after all these years. Gosh I wish I could remember the artist's name! (And I wish I could stop saying 'gosh' and get into the 21st century!)


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