Monday, 18 June 2012

Epic Epping

Epping Forest is massive.  The trees are giants and their roots curl up from the forest floor like pythons; it is London's largest public open space and I still get lost in it on a regular basis.  I love the size of Epping Forest and the feeling that I am only a small being within it.

View from the Epping Forest Field Centre

Today, though, my eyes were drawn to things far smaller than me.  I saw tiny curls of bracken unfurling.

Bracken opening

We walked over crispy carpets of empty beech nuts.

Little beech nut

And I marvelled at a strange knot hole which looked just like rising yeasty dough.

Tree trunk detail

There was even a tiny little dormouse, crawling through some brambles.  It was smaller than my thumb, and had tiny little round ears.  It ran away, looking very purposeful and busy, before I could focus my camera lens on it.

Epping Forest is both epic in its size, and in its abundance of tiny details.  And of course, this is why I love it so.

Epic Epping

Carved grafitti - stretched by growth


  1. You must have been creeping along to manage to sneak up on a dormouse! Looks like an excellent day for a wander in the wood.

  2. Hello. Just found you by way of Mrs Quince Tree. Am now making another cuppa and going to read your past posts think I will really enjoy them. Ax


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