Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lazing about in front of the TV

Olympic Opening Ceremony
The Olympic rings come together in the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal

I stayed awake until the very last minute of the Opening Ceremony coverage last night.  At the dress rehearsal Cam and I went to on Wednesday, we were shown everything up to the start of the athletes' parade. However, two crucial elements had been hidden from us: the Queen's scene with James Bond, and the Mr Bean scene with Rowan Atkinson.  We knew that something big was planned at these points because the screens around the stadium went blank, and we were reminded to #savethesurprise.  The helicopter that the parachutists jumped from in the actual ceremony hovered low over the stadium for about a minute during the rehearsal, and then buzzed off.  Cam and I speculated for hours about what was going to happen at that point.  We didn't even come close to guessing right!

Olympic Opening Ceremony
Danny Boyle addresses the stadium, as a cloud floats by

Danny Boyle spoke to the stadium before the show, thanking all the volunteers for their immense hard work in putting the show together and asking us all to reveal nothing about the ceremony until after Friday evening.  It was a clever move, because the thrill of feeling like we were all in on a big secret was more appealing than telling everyone what to expect.

My favourite part of the whole show was the NHS section, which was just awesome.  All the children on the beds were doing incredible acrobatics, and the dancing was fantastic.  Cam and I had spent most of the show exclaiming, gasping and clutching at each other in excitement.

After staying up until well past 1am last night, I have been lolling on the sofa for most of the day today, watching the OIympic coverage on the TV.  It feels outrageously lazy to spend so much time watching TV, but I have been productive in my laziness.  I have discovered that when you're weaving in the ends on 40 crocheted granny squares you really need something exciting on TV to stop you from losing your mind.  The mens' road race did it for me today - I was willing team GB to speed up and get Mark Cavendish to the Mall at the front of the peloton, but it just didn't happen.

The ends are now weaved, and I am off to settle down in front of the TV again to seam all the squares together while I watch this evening's swimming finals.  All this lazing on the sofa is going to be very good for my knitting and crochet.

Weaving in ends on all the granny squares


  1. wow-how fabulous that you two shared such an amazing evening together, this is the stuff that memories are made of! It was a truly fantastic show,and we really enjoyed watching it. Can't wait until we get there on Thursday, it seems like a lifetime away!

  2. We were actually able to watch in person today, as the cycle races are going right through Teddington! K x

  3. It was bloody marvellous. Loved every single minute but especially the Queen and 007. Bet Cam can't wait for the closing ceremony.

  4. We were glued to the telly and the late night meant a great deal of sofa time on Saturday too. Sporting bliss.

    And Cam is very famous in our house - we 'know' someone who is going to be performing in the closing ceremony!!

  5. Of course! I should have been binding the quilt instead of biting my nails. So so gutted for Cavendish.

    I utterly loved the ceremony - it must have been amazing to be there and see it in front of you. We ran up to our loft at the right time to watch the fireworks and listen for the rolling rumble across the distance :)

  6. Wasn't it an absolutely spectacular opening. Loved it... the Britishness, the inclusiveness... just everything.

  7. oh my wasn't it just magical. xxx I alternated between being in awe, with laughting and being proud to be British!


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