Thursday, 14 February 2013

10 things

  • I'm very tired, with dark smudges of sleeplessness under my eyes.
  • I went to Kew Gardens today, walked miles and made myself even more tired.  Then I took photos of myself against a wall of orchids.
 Blending in with the orchids at Kew  
  • My desk is a mess, which is very un-Nancy-like.
  • I made Graham an apple and almond crumble cake for his birthday today - it is very, very good.
  •  My laptop died.  I bought a new laptop as soon as I could because I have essays looming.  I find it scary spending that much money in one go; I'd be rubbish at being really rich.
  • All my iTunes playlists somehow got wiped when I moved iTunes over to my new laptop.  What I thought was a disaster has been rather liberating and I am enjoying wasting hours of my time putting together new playlists.
  • I've nearly finished my placement at hospital, and once this essay is handed in I go back to University for a few months.  I've loved working on the wards but I am looking forward to getting back to the lecture theatres and seeing all my friends again.  I can also use it as a legitimate excuse to buy new stationery.
  • Olivia's very long, dark, thick hair goes up in a bun for ballet twice a week.  I love her hair like this.  How many buns have I made in the last seven years she's been doing ballet?
 Her ballet hair
  • Cam is watching Big Bang Theory, via our Lovefilm subscription - he loves it.  I am getting sucked in, and love it too.
  • I made a loaf of raisin bread today.  Just because.  I shall take a couple of buttered slices with me to work tomorrow. 

    Sunset at Kew


  1. Oh I love your self portrait.

  2. I hope the raisin bread eases the tiredness. love the handknitting in the self portrait x

  3. We love Big Bang too, but sometimes it gets a bit difficult with an eight year old. We have to switch it off sometimes.

    Eldest loves it though.

  4. ah yes, Roberto loves Big Bang, I can take it or leave it. We too have just bought a new laptop (no surprise there) OUCH! V.expensive but apparently it was a 'good deal'.
    Your shawl is beautiful! as is your hat x

  5. You know my soon 8 year old daughter dances too, but the bun is only compulsory for the Christmas show every year. So I always end up looking up ballet buns on You Tube once a year. Can't get the hang of it, just can't.

  6. Love the shawl and hat in the selfportrait.

    I never got to do ballet buns on a daughter. She said wistfully.

  7. I love love love your fruit and almond cake. I'm now going to try the Mocha cake from Bake. Do you have any recipes for the other cakes on your 10 favourites? Liz

  8. That bun is seriously impressive! Hope you get some sleep soon :o) xx

  9. THE BIG BANG THEORY is seriously the best program out there. Makes me laugh out loud everytime. Go Sheldon!!


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