Thursday, 30 May 2013

10 things

  • The washing machine has been at the mender's for nearly two weeks now.  It comes home tomorrow.  I never appreciate a domestic appliance more than when it breaks down.
  • My sister-in-law and Miss Moss Stitch will also be thankful that the machine is now fixed, as I have been borrowing their machines to keep on top of all the nursing and school uniforms that need to be kept clean.
  •  The hens are all laying regularly now, and I am awash with eggs.  Pancakes, omelettes, scrambled eggs and baked eggs are all now regularly on the menu.
  • I miss my nursing friends.  It's hard to see them when we're all working different shifts at different hospitals.
  • Olivia made herself a cushion from the contents of my scrap basket.
  • Livvy with her patchwork cushion
  • Although a tiny part of me is a little sad that she is now too old to want clothes I've made for her, a bigger part of me is delighted that she wants to sew things for herself instead.
  • That's parenting all over isn't it.  The children grow up and move on but you haven't got the time or inclination to yearn for when they were younger, because their abilities and personalities flourish and grow too.  You are constantly getting to know this new, older child.
  • I made a banana cake and chucked in a whole load of chocolate chips.  That was a very good impulse decision - who knew?
  • I am yearning for sunshine.
  • I listened to this and laughed so hard.  There are many pubs that I go to in East London which fit this description.  


  1. Love the cushion! I;ve been making a banana and chocolate chip (or lumps in my case as I can't be bothered to chop a bar up finely) cake from the River Cottage cake book recently, highly recommended.

  2. she looks ever so pleased with her cushion! my children grumble now when there are no choc chips in the banana bread so I would warn your children that it was a one off event!

  3. Ah, I'm yearning for sunshine too. Surely there will be some soon. It's amazing what is improved by the addition of chunks of chocolate. Almost everything in fact!

  4. Bill Granger's chocolate chip banana cake has made my heart sing many times.

  5. wow, what an amazing little's sewer you have there!

    (I always spread Nutella on my banana bread)
    (I couldn't live without my washing machine)

  6. I wanted to thank you for the 'Jonny and the Baptists' link, I laughed a lot too. Then I watched/listened to some of their other recordings and laughed some more. I've been revising for some OU physics exams and so the laughs were really appreciated. I even ordered their CD and got a charming and friendly note with it. Good luck with the Race for Life x


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