Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Another sort of morning

I wouldn't want you to think that a nurse's life is all about early mornings.  I am working Long Day shifts at the moment, which are from 7:30am to 8:30pm (or 8pm to 8am if it is a night shift).  They are certainly long, tough shifts, with a very early start - but I only have to work three shifts most weeks, so I get plenty of time off too.  I rather like this pattern of working, and it fits in well with having older children - I still feel as though I see plenty of them, and can help them with homework, chauffeur them to ballet and nag them to do chores.

On my days off it usually pans out like this:

6:30am -  Graham's alarm goes off.  He gets up, brings me a cup of tea in bed, and I start to think about waking up.

7:15am - I wake up Cam and Olivia.  They grunt at me and try to hide under their duvets.

7:30am - Cam comes downstairs, eats half a melon and some toast and then goes to watch Youtube videos of other people playing computer games.

7:45am - Olivia comes downstairs and makes her packed lunch.  She eats a bowl of yogurt and some toast, then floats around trying to find shoes, hairbrush, school cardie and her green pen.

8:00am - I feed the hens and collect three eggs from them.  I have a cup of tea and some yogurt.

8:25am - I leave to take Olivia to school by car.  Cam leaves the house about 5 minutes after us and walks to his school.

8:55am - On the way back from Olivia's school I park the car at the edge of Epping Forest and go for a 5k run.  The gorse and the broom is in full flower - so bright it hurts my eyes.  I see a heron flying overhead, and listen to the Northern Exposure version of Last Train to Lhasa on my headphones - one of my all time favourite pieces of music.

9:35am - I get home and have a long soak in the bath, accompanied by a whole pile of magazines and Radio 4.

10:00am - coffee and a croissant in the garden, followed by the rest of the day to myself.

Coffee and croissant in the garden
Good times


  1. Well that sounds perfect. Apart from the run.

  2. I have worked out that your long soak in the bath must have been less than 25 minutes long. that is not at all long enough. an hour is a long bath. x

  3. Sounds like the beginnings of a very perfect day.

  4. Oh lovely, so glad you have wonderful days off like this, as well as the long, tough shifts.

  5. A long soak in 25 minutes? Good grief. You are not doing it right.


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