Monday, 22 July 2013

Race for Life

I had no idea that a Race for Life would be such a huge  Goodness me!


There were over seven thousand runners.  Each runner had brought along several supporters, each runner had raised money for Cancer Research, and each runner had a moving message written on the back of their t-shirt* explaining why they were running.  Layers of goodwill, interesting stories, motivated people, and determination filled the centre of Cambridge yesterday morning.

Messages on our backs

Ready to race! 

 I assumed we'd be running around Parker's Piece - the park in the middle of Cambridge where the race began - but we were actually running right through the centre of the city.  This made it so special, as we ran through King's College, all through the market, and up and down the narrow cobbled streets of shops and cafes.  The hordes of tourists seemed a little baffled as to why seven thousand women in pink had suddenly taken over the city.

Running through Cambridge  

We ran through King's College 

We had a wonderful day, and we raised £275 in total.  I am so proud of Olivia for suggesting that we did it, and grateful to her for getting me running again after more than twenty years of not running.  What a girl!

Livvy does the warm-up

Livvy after the race  

Thank you to those who sponsored us!

* The Cambridge News saw the message on the back of my t-shirt saying that I was running for all the cancer patients I've nursed - and interviewed me.  They put a couple of quotes from me in their write up of the day, which you can read here - but I had to suffer the indignity of them getting my age wrong and making me three years older than I actually am.  Olivia, who would not have minded suddenly being made three years older, had her age reported correctly.


  1. hurrah!! well done girls, glad you had such a fun day, it's pretty inspirational stuff is it not? I always find it very emotional, but in a good way, I guess. Congratulations on all of that money raised too xx

  2. Well done, especially to Olivia for getting you to do it!

  3. Bravo to the pair of you!

  4. well done to both of you, what a great achievement xxx

  5. Virtual pats on the back from me, too. You both did so well and for such a great charity.

  6. Well done to both of you. Fabulous achievement.

  7. Congratulations and well done! K x

  8. Fantastic. Well done to both of you. xx

  9. Congratulations to you both! This is a wonderful achievement and I am so very sorry that I missed this post when you published it. I wish that some of the 'I love running' magic dust could be sprinkled my way because I have never enjoyed it - perhaps it is something to do with having such a smiley companion for your runs.


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