Friday, 11 October 2013

10 things

  •        Olivia lost her Oyster card, which she needs to travel home from school by herself on the tube.  It is the third time she's lost it since the beginning of term.
  •        I lost my patience.  "Just. Stop. Losing. Stuff!" I yelled.
  •         How do you teach a child to be less scatty and forgetful?  I'm not sure you can.
  •         When her replacement card came through I really just wanted to staple it onto her in some way so she won't ever lose it again.  What I actually did was make a long ribbon lanyard to attach it to her school bag instead.  While not completely Olivia-proof, I am hoping it will make it harder to lose again.  Her house keys are already attached to a long ribbon lanyard in her bag.  If she carries on losing things, then eventually everything that is important will be attached to her with ribbons.
Her Oyster card is now attached to her bag
  •         We are friends again now.  She raided my button jar the other night and made this delicious bracelet.  Her mind is more often on aesthetic pleasures such as ballet, drawing, making and reading, rather than on practical things like Not. Losing. Stuff.
She raided my button jar #buttons #crafty
  •         I bought a Nike running skirt, after months of the wanties.  I ran for the first time in it yesterday, and loved it.  I hate getting hot when I run, and the knee length running tights I was wearing before were far too hot.  The skirt looks cute, and I feel much faster and more free when I'm wearing it.
Orange and white chocolate loaf cake, soaking up the orange & lemon syrup I poured over the top.  
  •      I am essay writing again.  Paper everywhere, and my head full of statistics and policies and care plans. I am distracting myself by thinking up cakes to bake.
  •         I went to Sweatshop, they measured my feet, analysed my gait and I chose my free pair of running shoes.  They are bright blue.  I love them.
Brand new running shoes! My prize from Sweatshop for being parkrunner of the month in September - VERY exciting! #sweatshop #parkrun #running #shoes


  1. I am scared of travelling on the tube by myself so I think Olivia is pretty awesome even if she does keep losing her oyster card.

  2. I think your ribbon idea is brilliant for a child. We have these retractable lanyards at work -- something like that might work too -- they stretch out for scanning (or in her case taking the card out of the holder) and then retract when you're done with them. LOVE those electric blue shoes!!!

  3. If you ever work out how to train children not to lose stuff please let me know as a matter of urgency. She does sound absolutely lovely though. That cake looks good, I'm going to have a look at Ruby's blog now. Have a good weekend Nancy.

  4. I lose things.... I need ribbons............

  5. Eldest spent about half of last year in detention because of missing whiteboards. We were sending in 50p for a new one practically every week. The only solution, sadly, was to move her to a school which didn't insist that she carried one with her. (This wasn't the reason we moved her, by the way, but it was a lovely bonus!) So I can't give advice about Not. Losing. Stuff. because I fail every day at my attempts to drum this into her.

    Free running shoes? How d'ya manage that?


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