Saturday, 7 December 2013

Running notes

My shift patterns and my tiredness levels the last few weeks have meant that I haven't been running much.  My usual three runs a week has faded to something like one run a fortnight.  But I don't think there's any point beating myself up about it - sometimes life gets in the way and a long sleep is better for your body than a long(ish) run.

On Tuesday though, I did make it out of the door for a run, and delighted myself with how much I enjoyed it.  I set off on a route that I know very well, so I didn't have to concentrate on where I was going; I put my music on nice and loud and just ran.

Oh hello, Running Mojo! You've been hiding at the bottom of my work bag! Good to see you again, old friend

I loved how my legs and feet still knew what to do.  I loved how I ran just over 5k without it being a big deal.  I loved being fast, and I loved being pink-cheeked and pink-legged in the cold, dry winter air.


  1. Sounds great, my husband used be a marathon runner, I tried it once and got busitus for my pains, but I do know the adrenalin rush from doing a good gymn session, trying to persuade myself to take it up again.

  2. bbbrrrrr. too cold here to bare legs. glad you had fun x


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