Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Thoughts on January

First 2014 purchase of daffodils - VERY excited!
The first daffodils of 2014

For me, January has a clean, fresh feel to it.  It doesn't seem like the start of the year - for me that will always be the new school year in September - but rather, January is a tidying up and a re-grouping.  A shake of the shoulders, chin in the air, and carrying on with a renewed sense of determination.

Back at University for my last term of lectures before I qualify! Gah - where did all that time go?! #omg #really?? #friends
Back at University today

A new term started for me today: a new module, new reading lists, new tutors, one new pen and no new notebook (so restrained of me), plus all my lovely nursing friends together again.  But, alarmingly, it's my last ever term of teaching on this course.  After this, I have placements until July, then the summer holidays off, and placements again up to Christmas, when I qualify.  Qualify!  It's pretty scary to even write that word. 

So I am enjoying the sense of calm and resolve that this time of year brings for me, and trying not to think too much about my time at University coming to an end.  I am grabbing as much fresh air as I can, looking out for the first British daffodil bunches in the shops (Waitrose had some this week!), running, baking bread, and reading novels.

Where Dalston becomes Islington #london #nofilter #bus

Swans in Epping Forest this afternoon #nofilter #swans #eppingforest

...and kale pizza number 2, ready to slice and eat  #pizza #supper #genius

It's blood orange season! #orange #citrus #nofilter
And I'm also filling up all my spare days with plans of nice things I want to do while I still have a bit of time on my hands.  Its January now, and I've got the time and inclination to fritter away 20 minutes photographing blood oranges; but before I know it, it will be December and I'll be a fully qualified nurse.  Fewer blood oranges and more actual blood, I should imagine.  Not long now.


  1. oh my your course is passing so fast!

  2. I haven't been reading your blog for long but the time seems to be going really quickly, it's a pleasure to read your experiences and always a joy to see your lovely photos. Hope you still have time to blog when you qualify.

  3. I can't believe you're going to be qualified soon, I remember when you first announced you were off to start your course and I swear it was about three months ago! Good luck with getting through the last bit before qualifying (and seeing less of the oranges and more of the blood...)

  4. You've done so well, I hope you enjoy the last of the teaching.

  5. I bought my first daffodils at the weekend too. Waitrose too. I bought two bunches reduced to 29p a bunch. They hadn't even opened!

  6. It must be equally exciting and nerve wracking to be so close to qualifying! I think you are brilliant!

  7. I thought it was too early to buy daffodils yet, but daffodils are just what I need. I will keep my beady eye out! January has exactly the same feel for me too, by the way. A chance to shove all the detritus from the table of my life, give it a wipe, and start again. But it's now the 23rd and it's definitely looking messy again.


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