Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Overheard on the bus

Number 56 - Clerkenwell to Leyton
  • "I would go skateboarding, but I can't find one with brakes"
  • "I literally can't even look at my own belly button"
  • "I wouldn't want to own a shimmery skater skirt - but a black one might be okay"
  • "I maintain perfectness at all times"
  • "I wish Google Images was a shop"
  • "I've been asked to draw my tattoo so many times - I just can't be bothered any more"
  • "That's not even a thing"
  • "You know, I can just sense which bus stop we're at - it's kind of like an extreme psychic ability"

Right at the back of the bus this evening! #london #bus

Didn't manage to get my favourite seat on the bus today


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