Thursday, 27 March 2014

10 things

  • I baked some strawberry buns with lemon buttercream icing - just because I'd spotted the Cadbury's mini eggs in the supermarket and thought some little buns with mini eggs on top were just what I needed to bake to celebrate the arrival of spring.
  • I am not usually a fan of cupcakes, and I rarely bake them - but today I felt the need; strawberry and vanilla buns with lemon icing and a mini egg. Very pleasing #Easter #baking #buns
  • As well as mini eggs we have many large hen's eggs at the minute.  Bertha, Adelaide and Ethel are all laying an egg a day, and 8 year old Queenie is thinking about laying again (8 years old is an epic age for a hen).
  • A spiral of eggs on the kitchen windowsill. We end today with 17, and 3 more are laid each day #cake #omelettes #morecake #scrambles #yum
  • Cam sits his first two GCSE papers on the same day in May as Olivia's Year 6 SATS test; and later that same evening, Olivia is playing in a music festival.  I have written it all in the calendar and am trying not to think too much about the collective stress levels that day.
  • Cam then has a three and a half week gap before he sits his final paper.  GCSE timetables are insane.
  • My geraniums loved the mild, wet winter and are all blooming again.
  • Working in A&E has been by far the best part of my course.  I have loved every, single minute of it and am so sad it comes to an end next week.  I have arranged to go back for another 5 week placement this autumn.
  • When I work a long day shift, Olivia stays up so that she can ask me, as soon as I walk through the door, "What were your most exciting patients today? Did the helicopter bring in anything dramatic?" - she's all about the blood and guts, this one. 
  • Arriving for Saturday nightshift #studentnurse #nightshift #london
  • I have re-arranged the bookshelves downstairs, and am slightly startled to note that I have five whole shelves of cookery books.  I always considered myself to be very picky about which cookbooks I own; only the really good ones, which I use regularly, are bought.  Turns out there are more great cookbooks out there than I realised.
  • I am knitting myself a pinky-orangey-red beanie hat.  I anticipate this being worn very often.
  • I am no longer the tallest in the family.  Cam has overtaken me.


  1. Starting a list with cake is always a good idea! I have been eating rather too much of it lately though. ;o)

  2. cake... must bake something... I'm getting 'the bakeys on'....

    (My 13yrs old is already taller than me. Sigh)

  3. It says something about me that my first thought was 'ooh I hope she posts the cake recipe', my second thought was 'i can't read all those book titles, I'll have to try on flikr', my third 'oh no I can't see them all but ooh she's got loads of Leon's, I must get some more', and my fourth 'i do hope she posts a list of all those books, I do love lists'

  4. It's funny how cookery books multiply isn't it. I'm picky too, but I seem to have quite a few. One day I have no doubt I'll be the shortest in this house (I'm 5' 7"). Already my ten year old has feet the same size as mine (size 7). Glad you enjoyed A&E so much. Hope you have a good weekend Nancy.

  5. As of a few weeks ago I am the shortest in my family. I beat them all on width though.

  6. Good luck to Cam and Olivia xx Loving all your cookbooks - but do you still find you are sometimes stuck as what to do for tea lol. Glad A&E is going well. Take care xx

  7. What a great idea for mini eggs...although you might have to stop me counting them out one for me, one for the cakes, one for me, one for the cakes...I too have shelves of cookbooks (usually I find for reading in bed!) but get much of my day to day inspiration from blogs like yours and Sue's. xx

  8. ooh now I want to sort out my cookbooks!

  9. I now have the urge to bake buns topped with mini eggs. yum yum. Your cook book collection looks very impressive. Mine aren't on an actual book shelf but I dread to think how many shelves they'd take up if they were. A friend who visited me recently took her plate out to my kitchen and returned saying "I think you have a problem. I've just been in your kitchen and seen all your cook books!"


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