Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday morning running

As I write this, Graham is over half way round the 2014 Brighton Marathon.  I am obsessively checking his progress via the wonderful, free app the race organisers have provided, which gives me his split times every 5k and a little map with a moving dot which is my husband.  I am sad I can't be there to cheer him on in person, but this app means that I can at least feel some of the excitement of the occasion at home.  I love this sort of technology; it makes the whole experience so much better for everyone.  

My own running is still going pretty well.  As he was resting before his race, Graham yesterday ran parkrun alongside me, at my considerably slower pace.  Because of our wildly different running abilities, it is very rare that we run together - I think the last time was probably on holiday in France last summer.  It felt strange to run together - I missed the music that I usually listen to!  But I loved the companionship, and it made me want to speed up so that we can run together more often.

A month ago I got a new PB by running under 28 minutes for the first time ever.  The sense of achievement when something like this happens is enormous.  I really love the 5k distance - I've got no desire to join Graham in running marathons, but I am determined to knock another couple of minutes off my time over the next year or two, and inch towards the 25 minute mark.

I've done very little running during my A&E placement.  My feelings about this alternate between thinking 'fair enough - you're on your feet for twelve and a half hours at a time', and knowing that really, deep down in my heart, walking around A&E, no matter how fast I walk and how busy I am, is no substitute for proper exercise.  Most of the nurses I was working with were runners, or cyclists and managed to fit exercise into their days off.  A&E was also an emotionally draining place to work, so some running on a day off would be very good for my wellbeing.  After the Easter holidays I start a new placement on an oncology ward, and along with all the nursing skills I want to master while I am there, I also want to get the hang of fitting exercise around my work.

Well, would you look at that - while I have been writing this blog, Graham has finished his marathon.  In a very good time of 3 hours, 29 minutes and 4 seconds.  I am beaming with pride!



  1. Congratulations to Graham and congratulations to you too for getting a PB!

  2. My husband is dead impressed by Graham, he must be superfit.I think you are pretty impressive to be able to run 5k. Both my husband and elder son love parkrun, George's next run will be his 50th, t-shirt time!

  3. Well done Graham, that's a really excellent time. Good luck with fitting in your exercise. It's something I've never managed, so I'll be interested to hear any tips you may come up with.

  4. well done to Graham, and I think fitting in some running around your work will be really good for you in more ways than just exercise x

  5. Ahh, that's brilliant, congratulations G!!! Running is so good for your mental well being isn't it? I spend all day on my feet running around but running 'proper' is a whole different ball game...congrats on your personal best x

  6. I'm so envious of your PB it has taken me an hour or so to leave a comment!!!! ;o) Seriously though, that is so good! I'm trying to get to 5k in 30 minutes but it is proving elusive! I was just watching the London Marathon and wondering if that could be an ultimate challenge to aim for...........


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