Friday, 28 November 2014

10 things

  • About a month ago I realised that working as a nurse feels completely normal now, rather than strange and new.  This is A Very Good Thing, as it means I no longer feel overwhelmed, but I still retain my excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Time for a quick cappuccino and a gaze at the magnificent autumn morning sky over East London before I start. #work #nurse #sky #london #sunrise
  • I have just nine shifts left as a student.
  • 7pm - supper time selfie in the reflective windows of the staff restaurant #work #nurse #window
  • I am making time to run, although I am starting to realise that I can't always go running exactly when I want.  Such is life though - anyone working or looking after children, or both, has the same problem.
  • Yesterday, when the coach at my running club said that our session for the evening was "Chats", I assumed that this meant running and chatting.  So I set off, cheerfully chatting to the person next to me.  It turns out that "Chats" is actually a loop of over 8km, which includes the long Chatsworth Road in Hackney.  And it also turns out that the lady I had started chatting to is very experienced, races competitively most weekends, and runs at a much speedier pace than me.  My good manners and sense of pride meant that I couldn't bear to either stop chatting or drop away from her, so I ended up running over 8k at my 5k pace, whilst discussing analytics methodology in the publishing industry.  An amazing achievement.
  • I bought some new lunchboxes from Lakeland.  This yogurt-and-granola pot is my favourite, and means I can quickly re-fuel with much needed carbs during my 15 breakfast break at work.  Plus, how cute is the tiny honey pot?
  • Good morning! I am loving ITU...almost as much as I'm loving my new granola and yogurt pot (from the marvellous Lakeland of course). Morning break time. #work #nurse #secondbreakfast #granola #yogurt #pot
  • Cam is in Year 10, and has test after test at school at the moment.  Some of them are progress tests and some of them are official GCSE assessments.  He's characteristically laid-back about it all, but it strikes me as being pretty relentless.  I made him a chocolate cake yesterday, and when he came home from school and ate a big slice with a big grin on his face, I was so pleased.
  • I decided my best boy needed a cake - chemistry and history exams today, and a weekend of history revision coming up for another exam on Monday. Being 15 can be pretty relentless. #cake #autumn #sprinkles #chocolate #family
  • I read Gone Girl last week and didn't like it one bit.
  • I've had some good walks lately - just locally around Epping Forest, Hackney and Walthamstow Marshes and the Olympic Park on my days off.  The damp, misty, golden autumn colours and smells just take my breath away.
  • Along the edge of the East Marsh in Hackney this morning. #walk #autumn #London #dayoffOn Hackney Marshes, gazing over towards the Olympic Park #London #walk #sky #dayoff
  • One of the first things I am going to buy when my salary comes through in January (the first money I've earned since 2009 - oh my), is a new pair of walking boots.  Mine are ten years old and the sole is coming away from the boot on the right foot; they are not really very waterproof anymore.
  • Exploring #Leyton #walk #London #dayoff
  • There is obviously a very long list of Things I want To Buy when I am earning again.  


  1. Katie is also in year 10 and as far as I can tell has no tests/exams or indeed anything taxing enough to interrupt her obsession with makeup and Taylor Swift. She certainly doesn't deserve a cake.

    1. Sounds like my year 9 lad except substitute soccer and computer games for pop stars and make up. No cake for him either.

  2. A great post. Studting, walking, running, baking, sorting your kids out, just generally getting on with it & enjoying autumn. Feel encouraged. Thanks. PS-I have one who deserves cake and another (Y13) who really doesn't. Aaargh!

  3. Hmm, I'm in need of walking boots here too. And a big chocolate cake if it comes to that. I'm glad you've settled into nursing. And very happy that they will actually be paying you now. Have a good weekend Nancy. CJ xx

  4. Lovely post. My grandparents used to live just off Chatsworth road... Many years ago!

  5. I love reading your nursing posts. Well all your posts actually, but I love the enthusiasm and passion of your new nursing life. Hooray for getting paid soon!

  6. Another great post! I would definitely buy a new notebook to consolidate the list of things to buy when earning again!

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