Saturday, 3 January 2015

Walking in the new year

Two Christmas weeks of whole-family idleness has been blissful.

Tagged by my fellow knitting, sewing, newly-qualified nurse, @lilyboot, to show you what's in my cup and on my needles right now: mocha in a Christmas mug (fresh coffee with a spoonful of hot chocolate stirred in), and a soft grey beanie hat for me.  I ta
mocha and knitting - this is what much of my Christmas looked like

And now I'm starting the year with a pair of new walking boots, a whole pile of lists, plans, maps and new pens.  Its good to feel busy and energetic again after so much sleep and rich food.

Plotting some future adventures with @gillusher #london #eastlondon #walks #adventures #daysout

Happy New Year. May you travel well in 2015 xx

New Year's Day

I have resolved to cram as many walks as I can into 2015.


  1. We have resolved to do the same - though the pace might be dictated by the four year old's little legs! Wishing you a happy new year! X

  2. fabulous new boots!! good luck with your walks :)

  3. Nothing lifts the spirits quite like a good walk does it. We've done a couple of really lovely walks recently, hopefully lots more to come in the year ahead. Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year Nancy. CJ xx

  4. Good idea. Go long, definitely, but also go up. There's nothing quite like a mountain top to blow out the cobwebs and make your heart sing.

  5. It is are missed...

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