Tuesday, 31 July 2007

A list of scandalously over-rated things

I went to the cinema last night with G. It was meant to be a hot date but I let the side down by yawning, wriggling in my seat and checking my watch a bit too frequently. The problem was, that I just find going to the cinema really, rather boring. I would much rather read a good book, or go down the pub. Most people love going to the cinema and watching films. It is one of those activities universally regarded as A Good Thing - something that everyone likes to do. Apart from me.

And so it got me thinking about other things that I secretly consider to be massively over-rated and that require a slightly confessional air when you admit to not liking them:
  • Opaque tights - every autumn, the fashion journalists are beside themselves with excitement that it is once again time to bring out that great staple, the opaque tights. But they are hot and itchy and make your legs look fat - definitely over-rated.
  • Sunbathing - b...o...r...i...n...g...You get sweaty, sunburned, and you can't hold your book in a comfortable position.
  • Elton John. I know he's meant to be a national treasure, but I just don't get what all the fuss is about. Bad music, dreary singing voice, strange lyrics. Nobody can explain to me what the appeal is.
  • A massage. I've had a few massages because it is something that the magazines tell me will be relaxing and therapeutic, but I can assure you it is not. I spend the whole session trying not to laugh because it is so ticklish, and then end up getting told off by the masseuse.
  • Cucumber. It doesn't taste of anything.
  • New Year's Eve. If you go out, everything is ten times busier and more expensive than usual, and if you stay in you feel like a loser.

What things do you secretly think are over-rated?


  1. I don't get the Elton thing either-it's just weirdness. And the last time I had a massage I couldn't walk for two days. Think the girl had had an argument with her boyfriend and was imagining my back was a senstive part of him!! But stupidly I didn't say,"Excuse me but you are actually making me cry through this hole on the table and onto the floor" no, I just smiled through my grimace and nodded when she asked if I had enjoyed it. Silly moo.

  2. I have thought for a few days about this and only came up with 2! No doubt I will think of more the minute I press the publish button!
    1. Herbal teas this includes Earl Grey! Sorry Nanc! Give me coffee or bog brown tea any day!
    2. Listening to music with headphones. I love music and have it on all the time but i would rather it fill the room than just my head! I just like being in the world and listening to everything!
    Oh and I'm with you on Elton! annoying man for everything he does!


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