Thursday, 8 November 2007

Little, nice things

This morning I thought I could benefit from some more little, nice things in my life. This is what I found:

  • I bought myself a bunch of freesias when I went shopping this morning, and put them in my prettiest vase.

  • I also bought a bar of chocolate when I was in the supermarket, and when I got home, before I even started the unpacking, I sat down to eat a piece (or two...) as I drank coffee from my favourite mug.

  • I changed everybody's sheets, put on crisp, new pillowcases and smoothed down the duvets exactly as I like them.
  • I enjoyed the surreal sight of two police horses walking down our road. Very bizarre - I have no idea what they were doing strolling down a sunny, residential street. The policewomen who were riding were enjoying a good old gossip as well!

  • When the children came home from school they decided they wanted to do some paintings, and I was left with armfuls of bright primary-coloured firework pictures, brightening up my kitchen.

  • I went fabric shopping - on Etsy and in IKEA. The IKEA prints at the moment are mostly very large, so I ordered some tiny, sweet, patterned, Japanese fabrics from Etsy to balance things out a bit.
  • I cooked mushroom and spinach pilaf for tea and ate it on my lap whilst lounging on the the sofa and watching rubbish tv.

What a great day!


  1. Your day sounds lovely- freesias are one of my favourite flowers,they smell gorgeous! Am quite keen to steal your mushroom and spinach recipe too.

  2. What a lovely list of small things - I'm going to steal them next time I need a boost (especially the bedlinen one).


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