Sunday, 11 November 2007

Sunday supper - the rules

When you've had a full-on Sunday lunch with the family, you probably want a light, easy Sunday supper for two. But you also want something a little special - that feels like a treat - because tomorrow it is work and school again.

Here are my rules for Sunday supper:
  • Start with toast and then find something tasty to go on it. Tonight we had egg mayonnaise and parma ham, but other good toppings are farmhouse pate with gherkins, welsh rabbit, tomatoes and basil, goats cheese, slices of avocado, ham....
  • Pour yourself a couple of glasses of something relaxing. Leftover cabernet sauvignon for us tonight.
  • Put everything on a pretty tray, find nice plates and dishes and arrange it all so that it looks like you are making an effort.
  • Pudding should be cake if you have any. Or leftover crumble from the Sunday lunch.
  • Eat in the front room, off your laps, whilst watching Antiques Roadshow and flicking through the weekend papers.

It finishes off your weekend perfectly.


  1. oh wow-particularly love your chicken plates. Great post!x

  2. Alas, there is only one chicken plate. And the FIGHTS over it in the morning are incredible. Usually resolved by me saying "If you're going to argue over the chicken plate then I'LL have it!" - thereby craftily getting the chicken plate for myself, which was what I wanted all along. G just lets me have it.


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