Friday, 15 February 2008

The nurse

I nearly becamse a nurse instead of an accountant. When I finished university I applied for training posts in both careers and the only reason I became an accountant is that I was offered a job by an accountancy firm first. Funny how close we come to taking wildly different paths in life.

I worked out last week why I had always wanted to be a nurse. It is this book from the 1960s, which is being republished as part of a box set by Ladybird.

I used to pore over this book for hours, gazing at the pictures. I think I wanted to be a nurse mainly because of the magnificent cloaks they wore in this picture.

The nurses who looked after O on Wednesday were wonderful. Well, they looked after all of us really - G and I as well as O. And they even made hospital bracelets for O's twin bears that she has had since she was a newborn.


O calls them Charlotte and Harriet and until now she was the only one who could tell them apart....


But we are confused no longer!


  1. I wanted to be a nurse so much I did voluntary auxiliary nursing at weekends at Cheltenham General. All went wll until I passed out over an old chap whilst trying to attach a catheter.Not pretty. Love the twins!x

  2. those twin bears are lovely with their name tags on, I remember being in hospital when I was 7 and the nurses wrapping my bear up in bandages so you could only see the end of his nose.
    hope O is feeling better. x

  3. I wanted to be a nurse or a hairdresser, I became none of them. I would still love the opportunity to become a nurse but its not the right time, but when is?


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