Sunday, 3 February 2008

Oh, what have I started?

I am finding it very hard to think about anything other than quilts at the moment. Mainly my quilt, which is now pieced, layered, pinned and about half hand quilted.

I didn't really believe Carol when she said that hand quilting such a large quilt would probably be easier than machine quilting it. But that's clearly why she owns a quilt shop, becasue she was right.

I am enjoying the hand quilting process so much. I mark the line I want to quilt with tailors chalk, get comfy on the sofa with thread, needles, thimble and scissors close to hand, spread the quilt over my lap and start stitching. It just needs a simple, fairly large, running stitch and I completely loose myself in the gentle rhythm of the stitching. It requires enough concentration that I can't sit and fret about work or anything else annoying, but not so much concentration that I can't enjoy an episode of ER while I stitch. I haven't watched so much tele in nearly 10 years I think!

I think about quilting while I cook. I think about quilting while I am at work. I think about quilting when I should be listening to my boyfriend. I think about quilting when I am testing C on his spellings. And you know what? I am planning my next quilt! There is going to be no end to this madness!

But this weekend, as well as stitching several acres of quilt and dreaming of fabric printed with purple pansies and creeping ivy, I did manage to squeeze in a new and very exciting hobby , a Sunday stroll and a very tasty and relaxing lunch with lovely friends.

And now I'm off to do some more quilting.


  1. There are worst things that could be on your mind all the time!

    I hope you had a nice walk!

  2. I've got the quilting bug too - I've just started my first one.
    When can we see some photos?!

  3. Maybe you should do a quilt based on graffiti next? Not quite sure how that would work, but still...thanks for a lovely day yesterday x

  4. hi! i found you through the tie one on flikr page....
    thought i'd pop and and let you know i LOVE your apron!! it is exactly what i've been looking for.... any chance you'll share where the pattern came from?

    your daughter is just precious! the floppy hat is just perfect for her!!

  5. Hand quilting can be very relaxing (she says, never having tried machine quilting).

  6. freedompass hunter11 February 2008 at 12:53

    Thank you so much for putting up the link to geocaching. We found our first one this morning!


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