Friday, 2 May 2008


I'm usually very late in getting round to listening to podcasts, because I have so many of them on my iPod. I think I am collecting them. My current subscriptions are:
You see? Its no wonder there's usually a backlog of about 40 or more waiting to be listened to.

So this week I finally got round to listening to Craft Sanity episode #69 from February of this year. Jennifer interviews Samara O'Shea, author of For The Love of Letters, and they talk all about their mutual love of letter writing and letter receiving, and how in this era of emails and instant messaging, the letter has not gone away.

This really struck a chord with me. I love letters, parcels, postcards and notes - both sending and receiving. I think for me it originated with a childhood obsession with stationery, that has not gone away as I've grown older. Really, I could just buy notebooks, paper, pens, envelopes, postcards and stickers until I was down to my last penny. I find it impossible to go into a museum or art gallery and not come out with a few postcards, slipped into a small paper bag (and I love those small, perfectly sized, paper postcard bags too!).
Here is a photo of my stationery box, that sits on my desk at home.

And here is a photo of the whole desk, which also shows Samara O'Shea's book ( I ordered a copy after listening to the podcast, and I'm very pleased I did - great book), a parcel waiting to go in the post, an email that I need to reply to, plus a beautiful correspondence folder that my parents bought me for my birthday many years ago. It is made from red leather and I love it quite a ridiculous amount.


In it I keep a few letters that are too precious ever to throw away. They include this one sent from Iraq by my brother-in-law while he was on duty there last year.


Has there been anything in your postbox this week that has made you smile or think fondly of someone far away? I hope so! If not, here is some stationery love to inspire you.


  1. Miss K has the same stationary box, right now she has it in bed with her! I love the cat kidston mix and match stationary!

  2. I haven't gotten anything interesting in the mail this week.
    But I did HEAR something interesting this week. TODAY, actually.

    It's naked gardening day. And I have begun a top ten list of things you should consider when gardening nekked.

    Please stop by if you get a moment to add to it. You are the LIST MASTER. I just couldn't imagine a list post without your comment on it.

    You know ... if you have the time.

  3. by the way ... your desk looks WONDERFUL and very organized.

    I'm finally setting up a sewing desk at this house .. and I have been here for more than 2 years!

  4. Thanks for stopping in today! I loved your three additions to the list. Bug repellent IS a very good idea, I think!

    And shall I tell you the truth?

    I did not observe naked gardening day today.

    today. LOL.

    OK. Never. (Nosy neighbors! As if they would let me slide by with that kind of behavior)

    But at the house before this one ... now that is a different story. One that I WON'T write in my blog, most likely. LOL.

    For a really really good laugh, I do hope you stop by Speedcat Hollydale's web page. He's launching donuts at Canada using Olga the traveling bra as the projectile. He is WAY funny.

    Have a great day!

    Thanks for the inspiration your blog is to me in the forms of noticing interesting things and reporting them, and organizational tips, and just balanced perspective.

    I enjoy my visits to your blog.

  5. I have had 2 parcels this week, one of chocolate cookies and another with patchwork coasters, both from very clever special ladies, and both were very well received..I am with you 100% on the postcard buying, letter sending and receiving and the postcard sized paper bags..sigh. So easily pleased. And I have red leather folder envy. Grrr.x

  6. OMG I love stationery. I have drawerfuls of the stuff and LOVE sending letters, parcels and cards too. I also love everything that goes along with it like silky ribbon and fancy tissue paper! My friend and I go to Paris for long weekends, and around 40% of our time is spent in their BEAUTIFUL stationery shops! (the other 60% eating delicious pastries, drinking coffee and people watching). We have also now begun a card trade....each time one of us see's a card that strikes a cord - we send it with some silly message inside - just for no reason (they are the best ones)
    Take Care
    Clare x
    (sorry that was a long comment)

  7. With you on the stationary, especially notebooks, wrapping paper and ribbon! The highlight of H&C's week was High School Musical 2 coming from Play. My highlight was the delivery of my new bathroom (not strictly by post but by courier), although it wasn't a highlight for long as we had to dance around it for 3 days because the plumber wasn't ready to put it in!

  8. Lovely stationary - there's something so positive and full of possibility about it. Have you seen
    She makes the most elegant stationary.
    I got a super parcel in the post this week from Florence at Flossie Teacakes and a sweet hand written postcard. Made me day.

  9. Oh - thanks so much for all those podcast links. I actually asked for recommendations on my blog a couple of weeks back for podcasts since I'm spending most of my time nursing my newborn daughter right now. I can't wait to check out your links!


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