Sunday, 27 April 2008

Small nice things

Some small nice things that have happened this past week.

  • Good friends, who are moving to Vietnam later this year, bringing back these exquisite and tiny dolls for O from a pre-move fact finding trip. I want to go to Vietnam as well now!

  • Finding out that our lovely family doctor, who had been my GP for twelve years before retiring last summer, is bored of retirement and has come back to work. Hoorah!
  • Baking a delicious plum cake from Jim Fobel's Old Fashioned Baking Book - a recipe book that I've had in my collection for over two years, and which I love reading, but which I had never cooked from because it is all in American imperial and cup measurements which I can't get on with at all. I need grams! Recently I got hold of a copy of this little pamphlet, which is going to enable me to try out every single one of Jim Fobel's amazing recipes. Hoorah again!
  • Finding out what Marimekko is all about.
  • Having a go at screen printing for the first time. Here is a sample of the results, which will be embellished and then turned into a pocket on a lined tote bag I am going to make for O.

  • Seeing so many different Pleated Beauty Bags for the BTRS Swap going up on the flickr group. I think they are all beautiful and can't wait to see which one is headed my way.
  • The first flowers of the year on my african violet. I love african violets.

  • Sewing more quilt, whilst watching the snooker World Championships on tv. I love snooker. O seems to like it too and spent the afternoon building a playmobil world while I sewed.

  • Working out that the reason I couldn't open the new window locks was not because they been installed incorrectly, but was because I was using the wrong key. Obvious really, and yet somehow not.


  1. what a lovely week, can't wait to see this quilt!
    I spent quite some time yesterday looking for a key for a window lock, it must be a bad week for windows!

  2. The screen printing looks like it must have been fun. What a nice week. x

  3. You are always so productive!

    What IS your secret?

  4. When you go to Vietnam, sneak me back a doll - they are just gorgeous!!


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