Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Holidays, mountains, milk and a plan

I'm now at that stage of the summer where I feel unsettled. I am back at work, but the children are not back at school. Our holiday is passed, but there is still fun and relaxation to be had. The evenings are drawing in ever so slightly, but it is not yet autumn. I've got things to do and I don't feel ready to start any of them yet. Maybe I'm trying to eke out my summer holiday just a little bit longer.

And that's not surprising, because our trip to Bala Lake in Snowdonia, and to Coniston in the Lake District, was awesome. We spent our time walking, admiring mountains, swimming in icy lakes (G, C and O - not me!), walking some more, admiring the mountains a bit more, and watching the Olympics when we were tired after our walks. I don't get to walk up any mountains at home in East London, so I miss them now I'm back.

This morning I had a glass of cold milk with my breakfast. The serenity of a simple glass of white milk is so pleasing early in the day.

I drank my milk and put together a list of things I still want to do with the rest of the summer. Somehow. Maybe these will be tucked into odd days and afternoons, but that's okay - there's still a bit of summer left.

  • make more jam (the only jam I've made so far this summer has been Anna's blackberry jam, which is sublime but has been eaten already)
  • read another Secret Seven book with O
  • make some more recipes from Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer (cherry cake and Milly-Molly-Mandy's patty pan sultana cakes made so far - both fabulous)
  • Plant some lavender into pots for beside the front door
  • more lazy days with friends, before the school term starts
  • find some more geocaches - even though we don't have any mountains, there are always nice walks to be had in Epping Forest.

What are your plans for the last few weeks of summer?


Jane at the wonderfully witty Petticoat Lane has kindly nominated me for an award. And to pass on the love I am going to give a long overdue update to my sidebar list of Blogs I Like to Catch Up On. Thank you Jane!


  1. You're welcome. I'm so glad to see you back from your hols, I've missed 'popping by' to catch up on your life.
    What 'stunning' pictures, it looks like you had an amazing time. I've been looking forward to seeing the 'piccies'!
    Jane. x

  2. So pleased to have you back, lovely girl. Please wait at least a year until you go again!
    What have I got to do before summer is over...hmmm, make chutney from allotment produce, try out lots of new cake recipes, get lots of sleep, start enjoying mopping floors (as is going to become a large part of my life, I just know it) I shall try and expand my list and make itmore exciting though!x

  3. Fantastic scenery. I drove through Snowdonia a couple of Novembers ago and made a mental note to revisit. So thanks for the reminder!

  4. Looks like the holiday was all you expected. In the last few days before DS goes back to school I would like to
    i. Have a full nights sleep.
    ii. Make some Jam.
    iii. Dig up my carrots and see if they've grown.
    iv. Have a whole day off at home without having to go out anywhere.
    v. Do some serious birthday card shopping - have several coming up in the next 3 months.
    vi. catch up on my letters.


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