Sunday, 7 September 2008

Or alternatively... could show your love by baking.
Look what C and O made while I was at work today:

And of course, credit must also go to the marvellous G, who I think spent the day washing up, wiping tables and digging out more and more cake tins.

After all that he doesn't deserve to have the photo of him wearing my Emmeline apron, posted up here, so instead here's a picture of him with some of the baking. Note how the meringues are being washed down with a glass of beer - what a guy!


  1. What a great daddy! My girls love baking with daddy...he has more patience than I do!!! What a great job they did. I love the bees, may have to try those.
    I too lived in the south of the US (Tennessee) I was at school there for a while and miss that great southern drawl...and Potaita Paaa..(aka Potato Pie)!
    Hope working this weekend wasn't to bad.

  2. got quite excited when I clicked on the link and say the emmeline apron for $11.95. And then I realised that was for the pattern. Bugger.
    G is indeed a very lovely Daddy for doing all of that baking- love the meringues!x

  3. Oh the pic of G in the apron has to come out at some point!!! I'm making your pie over the weekend!


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