Tuesday, 2 September 2008


This week I've been making the most of the last few days off school with the children; going out and about, lying in, flexible bedtimes, not making packed lunches.... This free-form part of the school holidays is something to relish because it will be over way too soon.

I woke up yesterday, at a very indulgent hour of the morning, to discover O's bedroom floor littered with drawings of a Super Hero Shop that she and C were dreaming of opening together. They'd been up for hours already, drawing, planning and discussing. They wanted to know if I could sew them some Super Hero capes.

Sure - why not?

I didn’t want to sacrifice any of my Kaffe Fassett fabric, I mean I didn’t think my Kaffe Fassett fabric would be heroic enough for my super-children, so we went to Hobbycraft and C & O chose the fabric for their capes. O was enchanted by a pale green cotton printed with little cupcakes, and C wanted a classic red/gold combination.

I used this great tutorial, found by a search on the Sew Mama Sew blog. The only alteration to the pattern I made was to adjust the length of the cape to knee length rather than floor length; both capes were whipped up in an afternoon. There has been much charging and twirling around the house, fists aloft, since then. I think they're ready to face the new school year now.


  1. Brilliant!!! I love O's taste in fabric, takes after her Mum! They make a smashing pair of superheroes too- do they have Superhero names?x

  2. I remember my mum making our son a batman outfit when he was 3 - he is now 19! Reading ypur blog brought back good memories.

  3. what gorgeous super heroes you have!

  4. Just came upon this post via your flickr photos. Great project and fun blog!

  5. They're brilliant, what a great mum you are. I'm still lusting after the apron you made for Anna that she was modelling beautifully in Cafe 9 on Monday. Did I also spot a couple of Boden t-shirts?(The self help group will be forming soon).
    How's the bike riding going?

  6. How exciting to return from vacation and see this post! My niece, who vacationed with us, asked it I'd make her a cape...and it be orange with a blue letter. A very specific 3 year old!


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