Friday, 17 July 2009

Two things I am not supposed to enjoy, but I do

Black pudding - when we go up North on holiday I get quite weird at the prospect of eating a really good black pudding from the local butcher; my London-born boyfriend and children can't believe I would eat this stuff. I say they haven't tried a proper Yorkshire/Lancashire home made black pudding; they say they don't want to.

Blocking my knitting and weaving in the ends - really, why is it so bad? I love this part!


  1. I adore black pud - weaving isn't my bag, however.

  2. mmm. now being from Yorkshire I guess I should be voting for the black pudding but I'm afraid I have to agree with the rest of your family.

    can't comment on the other, I'm still to actually finish a knitting project x

  3. I couldn't eat black pudding if you paid me!
    The best part of weaving in the ends is that satisfying little pile of snipped off yarn that you get left with. But I'm not a big blocker...


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