Thursday, 6 August 2009

You choose

Two weeks away in France, followed by nearly a week without internet access, and I think I might have some sort of online verbal incontinence. I have so much to write about. Where shall I start?
Why don't you choose?

Here are the possible blog topics:
  • My adventures in France - including how I kept my cool in sweltering 35 degree temperatures for days on end. And all about the Grand Canoe Disaster.
  • A run down of my current list of Things To Sew and Things I Am Sewing
  • The story behind why G and I keep asking each other "What would Michael do?".
  • A review of a glorious new cake book that you all need to buy Right Now.
  • Books I Have Read Recently and Books I Want

Leave me a comment with your vote and I'll be back in the next day or two.


Taking inspiration from The Coffee Lady, the vote-for-a-topic idea has been stolen from Tiffany at The Would-Be Writer's Guild. I love her blog so much - it always makes me snort with laughter in the best kind of way. She now appears on my list of favourite blogs down the right hand side of this blog. Along with some other new and new-to-me blogs.


  1. Any except France (been there this year, done that, I want to know everything else...)(sorry anyone who wants to know about the holiday...)..glad you are back...I understand how twitter works now, thanks you...

  2. OOOOHHHH LA LA, the adventures please!!!

  3. erm i have to go for the sewing topic please although very intrigued by "Michael" !
    Lesley x

  4. no I can't choose, I want them all, but if you have to put them in order I'll have the cake first

  5. Oh blimey, they all sound fun! That was helpful, wasn't it?

  6. All of them sound good but particularly the last 3.

  7. What a beautiful blog - I am so glad I found you.

  8. we have to choooose??? (read in whiny voice) I want to hear them all. Okay, let's start with france (anything french is great by me) and all things sewing as well. See, I can't pick just one.

  9. Well as I know all about the French adventures my vote is to know about Michael!

    Ma x

  10. Are you talking about me, when you as 'what would Michael do?'

    If so, in what circumstances? I think the answer would have to be: I'd have a glass of wine and think about it.



  11. Sorry about the typing error. For AS read ASK.

  12. My vote is to know about Michael as well!!
    Love G's Ma x

  13. Let's hear them all! But France first, maybe. :) glad u r back online. And a very, very, very, very belated happy bday.


  14. The CAKE BOOK! The CAKE BOOK! Obviously. And then books, please, and then France, and then...Oh. Have just read everyone's Ma's comments. I want to read about Michael too please. And sewing.And cake.
    I missed you heaps!


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