Friday, 18 September 2009


Whilst tidying up O's bedroom this morning....

"Dear God! That fairy's blind drunk again! Who mixed the punch? Was it you Merlin?"

Sylvanian Mouse whispers to Sylvanian Squirrel:
"This is the most embarrassing wedding reception I've ever been to. The groom is chatting up that tarty blonde in the orange dress and the bride's done her back in again. I just don't know where to look!"

"Yes, this recession is biting hard. I've had to turn the ice cream parlour into a bookshop and we've got a teenage runaway sleeping rough on the floor. I'm hoping the re-vamped garden will bring more customers in."

"EEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!! Daddy! There's a great big dinosaur on the balcony!"

"I do wish this child would tidy her room more often. It would give her Mum more time to lounge about knitting."


  1. That's sooooo funny!! Really gave me a chuckle this a.m.!


  2. thats the thing with being a mum, you got to find your fun where you can!

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  4. At least you can get through the door ...

    And now I am feeling guilty for skipping housework in favour of quilting today.

  5. Soooo funny... just made me chuckle out loud.
    Take Care

  6. hahahaha! Just what I needed after the day I have had....must talk dates for a-visiting. How's about Monday?! Or failing that, the week after....x

  7. It would take about a week of intensive cleaning before I could publish any photograph taken in my offspring's rooms!

  8. Ha! What fun you have when tidying - Off to see what toy's are saying in the little peoples bedrooms... Sure I'll hear the lego muttering 'lets see how long we can lay in the middle of the floor before she ether stands on us (result) or vacums us up (lego kamikazee suiside)'

    Love Lydiax


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