Thursday, 24 September 2009

Seen on the Tube

The Central Line - South Woodford to St Paul's
Three iPod listeners and a newspaper reader

  • I am sitting opposite a man with fleshy, dissatisfied lips and an untrimmed beard over a pale, spotty face. He is carrying an old black, leather bag with mud crusted onto the bottom of it. He is listening to music on big, green, expensive looking headphones.
  • A large lady, in her late 50s, wearing a well-cut linen trouser suit and a sparkly breast cancer pin badge, has very shouty rock music leaking from her ear buds.
  • The man next to me has an iPhone that he doesn't want to put down. He is fiddling endlessly with it. Playing games, putting a playlist together, checking emails and going back to another game. I want to tell him to calm down and read a book instead.
  • The young woman on the other side of me smells very strongly of bleach and is frowning as she reads the Wall St. Journal.

After my errands I bought a large cup of coffee and a croissant and sat in the churchyard at St Paul's Cathedral to admire the roses.

I don't miss work at all, but I do miss seeing the City in the sunshine.


  1. Lovely observations. I've not worked in central London for more than 13 years and there is plenty to miss and plenty not to!

  2. I worked in central London for a nonth once and I have to say I wasn't sorry once the month was over and I could scamper back to the countryside ... I do like visiting though!

  3. Great post - and great pictures - love the way the Nero blue and your shoes match the colour of the sky over London today.


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