Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ten things

  • I love the bright white-blue January sunshine. So cleansing and uplifting after the dark, sluggish fug of Christmas.
  • Hard to believe that vast amounts of snow is headed our way. Again.
  • Is it really? Or is it just the BBC weather forecast being neurotic again?  For a wonderful article on the pessimism of the BBC weather forecasts, see here.
  • But if it does snow, the children will get to use these snow pans I bought from Muddy Puddles, just too late for the last lot of snow.
  • Our new car has an outside temperature reader.  I love it and spend all of the journey to school exclaiming at how the temperature is still -1 outside!
  • The children are very bored with this, but I am not.
  • I cooked a rabbit stew at the weekend, and it was delicious.
  • I have black salsify in my veg box this week and I only know one black salsify recipe.
  • Rabbit and black salsify in the same week is quite impressive I think.
  • G doesn't like this cold, clear winter weather as much as I do.


  1. You're right about the January sun.

  2. ahh yes, weather forecasting, we woke up to huge amounts of snow yesterday that wasn't forecast at all! xx

  3. I sort of gave up looking at the weather forecast when our local weather person all but admitted she had no idea what was going to happen. Hmmm.

    So apparently we may or may not get snow here. And it may or may not be a lot. Hope you can stay warm and safe!

  4. I am a forecasting sceptic, but we do have a lot of the white suff this morning!

  5. A list of comments

    I too love the temperature reader on my car. My kids are very bored with me saying, omg its 32c.

    Rabbit, I love a good rabbit stew. Have not had one for ages.

    Veg box, I so miss getting my organic veg box every week. I can get it all from the farmers market, but I loved the thrill opening up the box to find new suprises.

    Sorry for such a long comment, your post just inspired me too much.

  6. Isn't it startling how fast the light switches to bright and blue after the new year? Every year I look forward to it, wondering if it will really happen the same way again. And it does.

    We've got lots of snow in the mountains, but only mms here. Still, it is nice for the roofs.

    (Love the temperature reader in our car too, why is it so addicting I wonder?)

  7. Like your sunny pictures,we have about a foot of snow here today.As an aside, I made your almond cake on Monday,it was delicious will definitely be making it again.Thanks for sharing the recipe.



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