Friday, 29 January 2010

Ten things

  • One of my most favourite Radio 4 programmes is finally a podcast.  Just I'm sorry I haven't a clue to go, and my podcasting life will be complete.
  • I'm feeling rather guilty because I inadvertantly locked the hens out of the eglu last night.  They had to sleep out in the run and this morning Beatrice had to lay her egg in the dust bath. I made them a bowl of hot porridge to say sorry (and warm them up).
  • I made crumpets last weekend.  They were so good and we used nearly a whole pot of jam when we ate them.  You can buy crumpet rings from here. They come with their own recipe but I used the recipe in the new Hairy Bikers Mums Know Best cookbook.
  • I'm loving their new BBC2 series on Tuesday nights.
  • G ran in the Benfleet 15 cross country race last Sunday.  He said the mud was of biblical proportions.  Here are his trainers afterwards.
  • I really love Dottycookie's and Silver Pebble's idea of a skills swap.
  • But at the moment I am concentrating on my existing skills.  And my existing to-sew list and to-knit list.
  • Seeing so many people finish beautiful quilts recently has given me a much needed nudge.
  • I've finally finished quilting my own bright quilt.  The top was made in a morning last year and then has sat in my sewing basket since then, half quilted. But I got my needle and thread out last weekend and finished it this morning.

  • And if I bind it this weekend, I can then move on to O's strawberry quilt, which has also been languishing since last year.  I think she has been patient long enough.


  1. And you said you had no skills to swap! I'd LOVE to make my own crumpets. My scales might not love it quite so much ...

  2. Also I'd like Just a Minute to be podcasted. And Bleak Expectations. And, and, and...

  3. I'm definitely going to have a go at making crumpets. I didn't have a clue how they were made until I read about them on your blog.
    So consider yourself having shared a skill!

  4. Just discovered crumpets were skillet made last week (which was a revelation for some reason and also quite exciting). There must be something crumpet in the air these days! Thanks for the recipe, and for the skill sharing!

    Any thoughts on alternatives to crumpet rings?

  5. hurray for a nearly finished quilt xox


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