Wednesday, 16 June 2010

10 things

There is a great deal happening around here at the moment.

  • I finally finished the remaining clothes for O's boy Clothkits doll (renamed Bob, by O.  Love it!).  He now has this wonderful hat, a man-bag and a very natty pair of bright red, owl-festooned pyjamas to go with his jeans, check shirt and waistcoat.
  • Thank you all so much for the good wishes for Cam's and Graham's races last weekend.  They read all your kind comments and were delighted.  They're planning to do another parkrun this Saturday.
  • I made a lightweight summer outfit for Livvy (hoping for some seriously hot weather in France and Switzerland this summer) using two favourite Simplicity patterns.
The top is made from Simplicity 2986, using a really luscious (and precious) metre of Amy Butler Belle fabric, and the cropped trousers are based on Simplicity 3669 (modified quite extensively), using linen from IKEA.  Both the top and trousers are hemmed with thick velvet ribbon that my Grandmother gave me.  I fully expect these to get worn and worn all summer long.
  • I'm finally reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters - she is one of my most favourite writers.  I love it, and am racing through it far too fast.  Up next will be this one, or maybe this one.
  • I have really enjoyed considering all your suggestions for small, portable sewing projects.  Currently on the go are small bits of embroidery, sewing suffolk puffs, and little felty projects,  How could I have forgotten about felt?  And my favourite felt book?  Great fun.
  • I've been baking biscuits, using a delicious recipe in Rachel Allen's Bake.  I have written about this book before, but it really is excellent, and I keep going back to it.  The recipe I used was the Basic Cookie recipe, with added orange zest.  A lemon version is on the cards for this weekend.
  • I got Debbie Bliss's book Simply Baby out of the library last week, and I am knitting the two tone baby socks, which are just too sweet for words.
  • I have such a large stash of Debbie Bliss's Baby Cashmerino yarn that I might have to buy this book and start up sock production for all the babies I know.
  • This weekend I am planning on making my own bagels.  I've been meaning to do this for months and it is time to stop promising to do it and have a go.  Any tips?
  • The other thing happening this weekend is a return trip to the quilt exhibition at the V&A with my sister.  Very exciting!


  1. Love love the top! Do you take commisions? Enjoy the good weather and all your tiny summery projects.

  2. The doll is fab as is the clothes. I have made a list of the little sewing suggestions and plan to make up little packs I can grab!

  3. Can't wait to hear how the bagels go; they are on our list to try to do ourselves too, so I'm looking forward to your notes!

  4. I must get myself a Cloth Kitty to sew. I had one the first time round and made her myself pretty badly. I'd love to have another go.

    Sue x

  5. Love the socks, they're so sweet! And O's outfit is gorgeous.

  6. I had a Cloth Kits doll when I was little who has been sadly lost along the way somewhere.
    The Angry Chicken had a post about bagel making last week, might have a few tips for you.

  7. Have a wonderful time revisiting the Quilts exhibition. I don't think you could possibly see it too many times!

    The Help is the most fabulous book. One of my two favorites from last year!

    And really looking forward to hearing about the bagels, as I've been wanting to try making them, too.

    K x

  8. I do love felt, more than anything.

    And that outfit is so lovely. She's very lucky.

  9. I have just been to visit Sheridan at Fenland witters and found your blog ,very nice ,I will be back ,I have clicked to follow you ,please give me a visit when you have a minute Jan xx
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