Monday, 21 June 2010


I've found a new, favourite sewing pattern.  And it will not surprise anyone in the least to learn that it is from my favourite sewing book - Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing.

These scarves are incredibly quick - and so satisfying to make.  From opening the book, to putting on the scarf, the total time it takes me to make one of these is barely more than 30 minutes.

I made the first one from a blue polka dot quilting fabric.

Using the measurements in the book, it was just ever so slightly too tight for my freakily-big head, so I gave this one to my sister and made another one for me.  As always with Heather Ross's patterns it is very simple to see how to adapt the sizing.

And I love them so much, that I ended up making four more altogether, only stopping when I had run out of wide elastic.

These look so good in any leftover scrap of fabric you've got lying around.  Have a look at all the other wonderful scarves made using this pattern in the Weekend Sewing Flickr pool, here.


  1. I like the idea of an elastic tie that actually holds the scarf in place...does it work?

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  3. Oh this is just what I've been looking for: something I can wear on the allotment to keep my hair back, but then wear to Waitrose and the library on the way home, too.

    I really must get this book!

    And I think I spy a bit of fabric from the Quilts exhibition?!

    K x

  4. they look fab! I must have another look at my Heather Ross book - it's been too long since I last read it! But you have just reminded me that I actually dreamt about it last night! I dreamt I was in a bookshop looking for good sewing books for me to show Dot some good patterns and all the sewing books were just dotted around all over the place in no sensible order and I couldn't find anything "just right". Then I remembered the Heather Ross book!

    Sorry - you really didn't need to know all that! ;o) Lucy x

  5. These are a standard take home party gift in this house!

  6. Oh, and has it crossed your mind that the book measurements might be for a pinhead? Clearly you (and I) just need more space for the brain ;-)

  7. Ah! Perfect! I've been meaning to make a headscarf for a long time. I figure that if I had a headscarf I might properly remove my eye make-up in the evenings and not wake up looking like a panda. Yeah, that's what's stopping me - a headscarf.

  8. hurrah! may there never be another bad hair day ever again!May have to invest in that book, you always make some fab things from it. Can see myself at the allotment with a headscarf and wellies...x

  9. Now you've done it. I've only ordered the book from the library.

  10. I'm loving this book so vicariously that I actually hope never to encounter it in the flesh. It just wouldn't be the same!


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