Thursday, 25 August 2011

Just the two of us

These last two weeks we have been surrounded by family.  Some have been here in person and others have been spoken to on the phone or have sent emails, cards and incredibly thoughtful presents.  But amongst all this love and kindness we've also wanted to be by ourselves sometimes - just the two of us.  I suspect that all people getting married feel like this occasionally.

A couple of days ago G and I set our alarms for just before dawn and got up to go for a walk.  That time of day is the only time it is cool enough to hike at the moment.

Dawn, by a sunflower field in Arnac

Dawn over St Antonin

Field barn

Mothers and babies at dawn

Graham taking photos of the Aveyron gorges

Graham at the top of Roc Deymie

The view from the top of the Roc Deymie

It was a stunning walk - one of the best we've done down here.  And it was just what we needed to remind ourselves why we want to get married to each other, in this magical place.


  1. It's tomorrow isn't it? I will be thinking of you - have a wonderful day (though, like you, I sometimes relish the low key, quiet bits the most).

    All the very best! x

  2. Hope it all goes wonderfully well, and that you both have time to enjoy every moment.

  3. Bliss. Will be thinking of you tomorrow! K x

  4. All the very best wishes for tomorrow (and forever) x

  5. A walk before dawn with the one you love sounds wonderful. Best of luck for the big day! x

  6. OH! Your first photo is BEAUTIFUL.

    Sending you both my love for a wonderful day tomorrow,

    T x

  7. That looked stunning. Good luck with your wedding!

  8. those are the bits you remember. Have a special, wonderful fabulous day. Here's to you both, lovely people x

  9. gorgeous.
    all the best for a wonderfully happy day tomorrow, savour every monent xxx

  10. It's today! How exciting - I'm thinking of you over here.


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