Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A view with flowers

Yesterday I was walking with a dear friend in a huge meadow full of wildflowers in Walthamstow, East London. 

She pointed out the incredible view across to the City, and we squinted in the bright sunshine, laughing at the children who were only interested in lunch, not views of the city that they completely take for granted.

It has been nice today, amidst so much sadness on the news, to reflect on this moment, and be reminded of one of the many reasons why I still think East London is a great place to live.

A walk with a view


  1. Been thinking of you Londoners. Bizarre times.

  2. It is nice to know that we can still find pockets of peace and calm in London. The hooded louts would do well to get out into nature and focus on the natural beauty around them rather than be obsessed by material goods.

  3. Determinedly trying not to get depressed about the situation in London and elsewhere in the UK. Hopefully more people will be able to focus on scenes like these instead of the rather more negative ones in the news in the weeks to come.

  4. Hear hear! A fellow East Londoner writes.


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