Sunday, 3 March 2013

Friendship circles

On Friday afternoon I sat in the pub with my new nursing friends, drinking wine, swapping stories and laughing.  Every single one of the female nurses had painted her nails to celebrate the end of our first placement.  There were almost all the colours of the rainbow around that table.

On Saturday I met up with some blogging friends, who have become real-life friends over the past few years.  These ladies make me laugh and nod my head in agreement at almost everything they say.  Blogging ladies aren't shy about taking photographs, so I came away with a camera full of pictures and a tummy full of cake and coffee.  I also had a wonderful present of some little spring knits from Julie.  The nest and eggs matched my dress, which made me ridiculously happy.

The nest and eggs Julie made for me
A circular handknitted nest and eggs, from Julie

On Saturday evening I went to Hackney to catch up with old friends in the pub. We chatted, and people-watched, and felt like we'd lived in East London a long time (we have).  Beards and poets in a pub by the Pembury Estate - goodness me, how times are changing.

Today I napped in the sunshine, chatted to Graham and the children and walked round to my sister-in-law's house with two loads of clothes to wash, because our washing machine is broken.  She made me a cup of tea, and I sat on her sofa, cuddled my baby niece and chatted to my little nephew while the school uniform was cleaned.

One of the very nicest things about being middle aged are these multiple circles of friends you acquire.  They evolve out of jobs, children, family, University, and an unusual obsession with handknitted socks.  But however you find them, friends really are the best thing.

All of us in Kristina's socks
A circle of socks - the blogging ladies show off their new socks (made for us by Kristina, who is amazing)

Alice's birthday cake
The ultimate circular birthday cake, made - and styled - by Mrs M


  1. What a lovely post. Circles are my favourite shape too :-)

  2. Love the circle theme -funny how things fit together.
    Please don't say you are middle-aged, you are younger than me!

  3. Yes, friendship really is what makes the world go round. Lovely post.

  4. Great post xx (love the nest & eggs - far too cute x)

  5. Fab post, beautifully captured.

    Shall we walk in a {big} circle at Kew today? See you in a bit!!!

  6. Friends are indeed the best thing--and I feel so lucky to have such wonderful ones! K xx

  7. Please don't laugh at me but I saw the photo of the cake plate and thought "How lovely - I don't remember that - I wonder what pattern it is." Doh.

    It was the most lovely day and so good to catch up with everyone.

  8. it was a lovely day... it really was. I feel very re-charged... or I was till this morning anyway!

    Good luck with your studying!!

  9. I so agree that different friend circles are such a treat. I treasure mine daily!

    And congratulations on the end of your first placement!

  10. circles of friends. I love that x

  11. I love your circular post Nancy. Friendships are the best and I loved that even on the train journey home you made a 'friend' - it shows what wonderful camaraderie nurses share and it's lovely that you have found such pleasure in your new career. I'm pleased as punch that you like the little nest - it was obviously destined to be yours seeing as it matched your outfit so perfectly!


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