Friday, 29 March 2013

10 good things on a Good Friday

  • All alarm clocks switched off.  I still woke up at 6:20 though - force of habit.
  • A peaceful couple of hours in the kitchen, first thing.  Strong coffee, freshly baked soda bread, omelettes and spicy tomato sauce for breakfast.
  • A solid three hours studying, while I listened to my iPod.  I need to make some more study playlists - I know the current ones too well.
  • Graham and Cam watching Battlestar Gallactica on LoveFilm.
  • A couple of new eye pencils - making my life that little bit more glamorous.
  • Cam and Olivia gazing at Easter Eggs - embargoed until Sunday.
  • Slobbery baby kisses with my niece.
  • Playing trains with my nephew.  I am impressed I still know my Percy from my Toby, and can even tell Annie and Clarabel apart.
  • Forgetting about cardiovascular disease for a little while, and heading to the pub for a quick drink with my friend.
  • We had whitebait as a bar snack - I LOVE whitebait!
Good Friday


  1. Oh No!! Not your boys too! Mr P loves a bit of BattleStar! Sounds like a fab Good Friday x Hope the rest of the weekend is just as goood for you all x lots of love x

  2. Oh no, you have stirred up a sudden wave of nostalgia for Thomas the Tank Engine, sniff.

    I'd love to know what you have on your palylists -I'm always looking for new music.

  3. This is funny -- just yesterday, Mark and I were remembering our nephew talking about Percy, and we watched another episode of Battlestar Galactica! Sounds like a nice day; hope your weekend is going well. Take care!


  4. A great list. Hope you have a lovely Easter Nancy. And a little break from studying!

  5. I can't be doing with whitebait - the wholeness of those little fishies freaks me out - but other than that your list sounds very lovely indeed. I woke up at 6.20 as well - I have no idea why, when I have been so tired all week I can barely keep my eyes open.

    Hope the Easter eggs are going down well today!

  6. Good list. I like lists, have a lot of them, as long as I don't forget where I put them.

  7. All good things! I hope the studying is going well and that you had a lovely Easter.


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