Saturday, 17 August 2013

Kicking back

We're back in London, after a blissful couple of weeks staying with my family in France.  I miss them dreadfully, and it was so hard to leave.  But the second part of the summer holiday is now underway, and it is still lovely.  The children and I have a few more weeks at home together before the autumn term begins at school and at University - I know these are precious times that don't come around very often.  

I get up when Graham does, and either go for an early run in the forest, or sit outside with a cup of coffee and Radio 4.  The weather is still mild and sunny, and there is no structure to our days.  The children wake up whenever they feel like it - anywhere between 8am and 10am.  I still marvel at this - the early hours of the morning when they are still asleep reminds me of naptime when they were babies.  Such a stillness and anticipation in the house!

Early morning window
Early morning sunshine on the windowbox
Maybe we'll all hang around the house reading and baking, maybe we'll go to the farm and pick fruit.  Maybe Cam will head out to meet up with friends.  Maybe Olivia will spend all day drawing and listening to Capital FM.  Maybe I shall pick up my cross-stitch, or maybe I shall knit a bit more sock.  I love not knowing, and I love not planning (much).

Most of all I love being still and relaxed, after what feels like a whole year of running around and being busy.  These are good times.

Raspberry and almond cake

Coffee in my new French beaker


  1. I love the house when the kids are asleep too - hardly get any of that time in the evening now, so the morning is the best time to nab it!

  2. Oh that sounds wonderful Nancy. And so very well deserved.

  3. That sounds so relaxing! I can't wait to get to the bit where children sleep until 10am - mine still wake at 6! Happy holidays, Nancy. x


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