Tuesday, 3 September 2013

10 things

  • I am in denial about the fact that Cam goes back to school tomorrow and Olivia on Thursday.  I don't want this summer holiday with them to end.  I'm used to hanging out with them; I miss them when they're at school.
Cam volunteering at Parkrun
Cam, volunteering at parkrun in Hackney last week
  • However, at the same time I am VERY excited to find myself in September.  I love September, and I love the autumn - it is definitely my favourite time of year.
  • My early morning runs in Epping Forest are heart-breakingly beautiful at the moment: mist, herons flying overhead, cobwebs covered with dew, the trees just on the turn from green to gold.  I find myself energised by both the run and the spectacular scenery.
Dawn in Epping Forest
Dawn in the forest

Dawn at Hollow Ponds
Epping Forest during a dawn run this morning
  • I have a smartphone for the first time ever, and my eyes have been opened to the wonders of Instagram (where I am thelistwriter) and this Relaxing Sounds of Nature app. I play the nature sounds in the middle of the night when I am awake and reading my Kindle, while I am cooking breakfast if Radio 4 gets too argumentative, and while I am folding washing or paying bills.  It makes everything just much nicer.
  • While I was setting up my phone I also reviewed all the podcasts I subscribe to.  I took off a few that I'd stopped listening to, and added on some new ones: Seven Ages of Science, 1913: The Year Before, UK Confidential and Inside the Ethics Committee.  If The Reunion was a podcast I'd have subscribed to that too, but it isn't so you have to remember to catch up on iPlayer.
  • I've had such a long holiday from University, that I've started to forget that I'm actually a student nurse.  When the children go back to school, my studying resumes too.  I'm easing myself back in by spending the day with a friend at the newly refubished Royal College of Nursing library and heritage centre, just off Oxford Street.  There will be some studying and much catching up about our summer holidays.
  • I need to squeeze in another blackberrying trip or two over the next few weeks.  The brambles in Epping Forest are still groaning with sweet fruit.
  •  The lawnmower has broken, my beloved Kindle is misbehaving and may be broken and I have just handed over what feels like my entire income for September to Clarks, M&S school uniform department and the local optician.  This the other downside of the end of the school summer holidays - the children are each a shoe size and a half bigger than they were in the summer term, and at least two clothing sizes bigger.  I'm not even exaggerating - they are gowing like weeds at the moment.
  • Graham went camping with his triathlon club at the weekend, and I realised that this has been the only camping trip by our family this summer.  How did I let that happen?
  • I have another baby niece on the way, and am stalking Ravelry looking for inspiration.  She will be my seventh niece/nephew, and the excitement does not diminish in the slightest with each new arrival - who will she be? what will she look like?  So exciting to have another little person in the family.
Cam's picture of my geraniums
Geraniums - instagrammed by Cam on my phone


  1. I'm so glad you are instagramming Nancy. Gosh I love my smartphone -don't use it much for talking to people but IG, Audible,Pinterest, Ocado, looking up how old various famous people are....

    Talking of Audible I've just listened to Shroud For a Nightingale by PD James which is set in a nurse training school in the 70s. It made me think of you.

    I am the only mother who is not going to miss her children when they go back to school. And one of them isn't even going back to school.

    1. I have to look into Audible, especially as I spend so much damned time in the car now...

  2. I am also going to miss my children. Like mad. Big girl starts big school on Thursday, Little Girl is excited to be on her own at primary, and now the one responsible for bringing home all the "one per family letters. I am wondering how well we'll coordinate two school runs.

    Good luck for your back to school too - that's going to feel odd!

  3. The school holidays flew by in the blink of an eye. I need at least another six weeks. Sorry about the lawnmower, the Kindle and the vast expenditure. Something similar happened here. Congratulations on the niece news. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Podcasts! You're a genius. Can you think of any only slightly interesting ones you can recommend - we listen to the radio a lot in the night (broken nights with Eldest mean that our sleep patterns are completely unnatural and we've forgotten how to nod off unaided) and if we find something too perky we end up staying awake to listen rather than it lulling us off to sleep.

  5. your morning runs do look beautiful.


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