Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A top in blue voile

As well as the children's exams, I am also starting a new placement and embarking on the nerve wracking process of job hunting at the moment.  

On a day off on Monday I decided the best thing I could do to create some calm and light relief in my week was to embark on some sewing.  Inspired by all the beautiful clothes appearing in my Instagram feed for Me Made May (and especially those put up by Liesl and Suse), I cut into my precious piece of Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks voile and made myself another Lisette market dress tunic.  I wear both the ones I made earlier in the year constantly; they look so good with trousers and a cardi or a scarf.

The voile is sumptuous - soft, drapey, feminine and luxurious.  It is also surprisingly non-sweary to sew with.  It feels as though it should slither all over my table, but it doesn't.  Pleasingly I also found a length of narrow velvet ribbon which my grandmother had given me, in exactly the right shade of yellow to match the centre of the flowers on the fabric, so I hemmed the top with that.

A happy few hours sewing, and a luxurious-feeling new blue top.  I just wish it was easier to find a place in my house to take full length photos of myself (and a clean mirror!).

...and it's very hard to find a decent full length mirror in our house #top #sewing #handmade

Meet my new favourite top. I finally used this beautiful fabric. #sewing #top #handmade #voile #productivedayoff


  1. It's very pretty - such a lovely fabric.

  2. It's lovely, clever you. No doubt you will be wearing that one a lot as well. Good luck with the job hunt Nancy, I hope you find something you really love.

  3. It's beautiful! Good luck looking for jobs!


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