Friday, 30 May 2014


I have the nicest commute at the moment.  I work strange hours so I'm never travelling at peak times, which means the tubes are not too rammed; most of the time I can get a seat.  I just have to travel six stops, and I can get from home to work in about half an hour.  

The hospital is in the City - an area of London that I know very well because I worked there when I was an accountant for many years.  I find myself taking out my phone and snapping pictures every day, because this part of London is just so photogenic.

9:15pm - leaving work. St. Paul's Cathedral and a hazy moon. #london #night #moon #nofilter #stpauls

Early morning in the City #london #nofilter #sunshine

Heading home. Back in for an early shift tomorrow #london #tube #stpauls #tired

Majestic #stpauls #london #sunshine #blueskies #nofilter

7:40pm - the City is deserted at weekends. This is at St Paul's looking west towards the Old Bailey #london #weekend #nightshift

Taxis, taking people home. #work #london #spring #evening

6:45am - St Paul's and the police helicopter #London #morning


  1. I don't like travelling on the tube but I do love it's architecture and signage!

  2. I'm with Tess. I'm scared of the tube -not enough practice- but aren't the station signs the best? Loving your commuter pics on instagram Nancy.

  3. What amazing buildings! Thanks for sharing these pictures.


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